This quarter, I am working as a Product Intern at AppSheet on a Customer Churn Detection Project utilizing data analytics. My internship has also allowed me to develop new lenses as a student with technical experience analyzing patterns and answering questions about the trends in customer churn using data analytics from various platforms.

Last September, I attended the Grace Hopper Conference as a Windows Insider Women in Computing Award Recipient. Read about my experience here. The program has provided me vast insight on the experiences of other women in STEM and motivates to continue tackling challenges in my academic journey.

In August 2018, I gave a tech talk called "What Can I Do With Computer Science?" at the 2018 CxE camp in front of 30 middle school students. The camp is is aimed to teach students about the intersection of Computer Science and Entrepeneurship. I was invited to be a college speaker and share my personal experiences in high school and beyond as a girl in tech and provide students advice on pursuing a STEM career. Watch the video here.

I plan to use this website to showcase my personal projects and experiences. I am using GitHub to host my projects. I welcome you to explore my website and let me know if you have any