hello world!

Nice to meet you! I'm Elizabeth a CSE student at UW seattle.

It's a fun time to work with cool students on campus and also to be in such a tight-knit and inclusive CSE community. Being a CSE TA has taught me to learn from my students and their diverse approaches to problems and close the gaps in students' misunderstanding. I hope to continue teaching as well as taking challenging course in data science and software engineering.

Enjoy a pic of me teaching my first quiz section on the left.

what am i up to?

Feb. 15 Midterm season!

Dec. 27 — Just finished Autumn Quarter, check out my article reflecting on my quarter. Excited to be transitioning to teaching data programming in Python next quarter; I will also be taking Data Structures course and an CSE extrepreneurship class.

Sep. 2 — I will be attending GHC19 this September and will be helping with mentorship for Windows Insider Women in Computing Program. Being a scholar has provided me insight and mentorship with great leaders at Microsoft and I am looking forward to give back to help future scholars navigate their careers.

Jun. 17 — Happy summer! I am starting my internship at Microsoft as an Explorer Intern. Here are some of my takeaways in my first three weeks this unique experience! I am also working with my CodeU team to build a web app using Google AppEngine and Google APIs. I had a great time at the retreat last weekend.